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How Important Is Change Management?

In this world where change is imperative, not adapting to the new times is being forgotten and left behind. But it’s not enough just to adhere to all the trends that appear, but to have full control over the transitions your agency will go through. In this way, change management generates several benefits for the optimization of the company.

Brings Prosperity To The Agency

Gone are the days when big changes were made every three or five years. Agencies are facing faster, more complex, interdependent and cross-functional change than ever before. Being able to deliver results in the midst of multiple changes allows organizations to achieve their strategic vision and thrive in this environment.

With better structured processes, it is possible to increase the productivity and quality of the deliveries made. Thus, the business tends to attract and retain a greater number of customers, in order to leverage its profits.

Allows you to deliver the people-dependent portion of the ROI
Often companies have a complete team, but even so, they cannot handle all the existing demand — or they even make deliveries, but they fail in the quality of the products or services. This can be a strong indication that the company has invested in the wrong professionals , as they are not performing as expected.

Change management focuses on helping people change the way they work, allowing the agency to capture the contribution of employee adoption to return on investment ( ROI ). Among the performance indicators (KPI) , this is what makes it possible to identify how much each employee is contributing to the proper functioning and growth of the business.

Based on this information, you can make decisions, such as making adjustments to a particular employee’s roles so that he or she earns more.

Helps Close The Bottleneck Between Requirements And Results

A very common complaint among employees is that companies demand high-level results, but do not provide all the support necessary for the team to work according to the requested requirements and the proposed goals. This creates a bottleneck that affects the productivity and quality of the team.

By applying change management, you can eliminate this bottleneck , as you will effectively support and equip employees impacted by changes to succeed in bringing the new ways of working defined by the organization into everyday life.